2nd Annual
Tour of Socorro
April 19-20, 2008
Socorro, NM, USA
Socorro Fat Tire Fiesta

Mission Loop

Name: Mission Loop
3/5 Fitness 1/5 Skill 2/5 Route
Length: 25.4 miles
Elevation: 6400 ft avg
Start: Socorro Plaza
Updated: Way back in 1993.

Mostly flat, paved roads. This is a long, easy ride, but some loose dogs along the way may be intimidating. Add 0.6 mile if you go to the second mission. This ride is representative of the Rio Grande Valley farming communities with farms, irrigation ditches, and rural communities, some of which are several hundred years old.


Socorro Plaza

Take I-25 to exit 150, marked Socorro. At the traffic light, the offramp becomes California Street, the main strip in Socorro. Go straight on California Street until the fifth traffic light, marked Manzanares. Turn right onto Manzanares. You will see the plaza in front of you. The plaza is a one-way street, flowing counterclockwise. Park anywhere along the street, or in one of the side lots.

Mileage Log


From the Plaza, head N on Bern Road, turn right at San Miguel Church onto Otero Street, and continue E past the sewage treatment plant, across the RR tracks, and turn N onto Chaparral.

3.5 DIRT

Climb onto the flood-control ditch bank, cross it on the wooden bridge, jog right, and then take a quick left with the irrigation ditch to your right and fields to your left.

5.1 DIRT

Turn right onto the paved road. See Escondida Lake on your left.

5.2 DIRT

Turn north (left) on the west side of the Low-Flow Channel.

7.2 DIRT

Turn left (west) onto the dirt road and follow it north---don't go back to the gravel channel.

7.8 DIRT

Cross over both irrigation ditches and continue north. This can be muddy if it rained recently, but only for a short distance.

8.1 DIRT

Turn west (left) from the ditch and continue to the pavement.


Turn north (right) on the paved road.

12.4 PAVED

The road turns west; stay with it. Watch for the junk-yard dog.

12.9 PAVED

"T" intersection; turn south (left).

13.7 PAVED

You have reached the San Lorenzo mission. Take a break, drink some water, and take a look around the mission. As you leave, continue south. Be prepared for more dogs.

15.0 PAVED

Turn south onto the Frontage Road.

16.1 PAVED

Veer left off the frontage road onto Socorro County B5.

17.0 PAVED

At the store on the corner (fruit & drinks are sold), turn east (left)

17.3 PAVED

Turn south (right). If you continue east for about 0.3 mile, you'll reach another mission, also old. Remember to come back and head south, and add 0.6 mile to the following distances.

20.4 PAVED

Turn east (left).

21.9 PAVED

Jog right and take a quick left over the bridge. Familiar? Continue south on the paved road to Otero Street (stop sign), where you turn right and continue to the Plaza.

25.4 PAVED

You're back at the Plaza.



Map courtesy of Socorro Country Fat Tire Trail Book, 2nd Edition (ISBN #0-88307-712-4).