2nd Annual
Tour of Socorro
April 19-20, 2008
Socorro, NM, USA
Socorro Fat Tire Fiesta

Socorro Isopods - Sedillo Springs

Name: Socorro Isopods - Sedillo Springs
1/5 Fitness 3/5 Skill 2/5 Route
Length: 6.6 miles
Elevation: 4600 ft min, 4960 ft max
Start: Socorro Plaza
Updated: Way back in 1993.
At the wellhead turnoff. Copyright 2004 Mark Bottjer.

This gently climbing route ends at the edge of the hills west of Socorro where an ancient warm spring still harbors an aquatic crustacean, the Socorro Isopod. This endangered species is related to sow bugs and pill bugs, but is unique in having adapted to a warm aquatic environment. This is the only place where this creature exists. Please respect its habitat. This is the site of an old warm-springs spa

The springs are on private property. The land-owner has given permission only for bicycles and only for this route.

By the isopod pools. Copyright 2004 Mark Bottjer. Old ranch house ruins. Copyright 2004 Mark Bottjer. View from a side trail. Copyright 2004 Mark Bottjer.


Socorro Plaza

Take I-25 to exit 150, marked Socorro. At the traffic light, the offramp becomes California Street, the main strip in Socorro. Go straight on California Street until the fifth traffic light, marked Manzanares. Turn right onto Manzanares. You will see the plaza in front of you. The plaza is a one-way street, flowing counterclockwise. Park anywhere along the street, or in one of the side lots.

Mileage Log


Start at the Plaza and head west on Fisher Street, toward M Mountain, past the fire station.


At the stop sign, turn left onto Grant Street, and bear right at the next stop sign.


Turn right at the Town House Motel, onto West Spring Street which turns into Evergreen Street. Continue west on the pavement, gently climbing uphill, until you reach the Power Line just before the end of the pavement.

2.4 DIRT

Go left (south) onto the dirt road that runs under the power line, and watch for the little-used road to the right in 0.3 mile.

2.7 DIRT

Turn right onto the dirt road that ends at Socorro Springs. Keep on the main route; there are several jeep roads in this area, but the main road leads where you want to go.

3.1 DIRT

Notice the ruins of an old adobe bath-house resort off to your left at this turn. Respect private property here and be alert for snakes.

3.3 DIRT

Sedillo Springs, home of the Socorro Isopod, flows at about 80 F and was once the city water supply. Note the old concrete-lined reservoir, and the older stone one, which at one time served as part of a Spa. Follow the seepage up to a small horseshoe-shaped concrete pool, which is home to the last of the isopods (except for a few kept at the University of New Mexico). They usually stay near the bottom, but if you watch a while you will see them swim in a most peculiar manner.

Retrace your route back to the Plaza.

6.6 DIRT

Back at the Plaza.



Map courtesy of Socorro Country Fat Tire Trail Book, 2nd Edition (ISBN #0-88307-712-4).