2nd Annual
Tour of Socorro
April 19-20, 2008
Socorro, NM, USA
Socorro Fat Tire Fiesta

Water Tower

Name: Water Tower
3/5 Fitness 3/5 Skill 2/5 Route
Length: 9.2 miles
Start: Socorro Plaza
Updated: Way back in 1993.

This ride in the area between Socorro and the hills to the west of town includes a little sand, some rocks and hills, and some goad aerobics. There is a nice view of Socorro's valley from the water tower on the hill southwest of town. The power line and Sedillo Spring are on private property. We have permission only for this route.


Socorro Plaza

Take I-25 to exit 150, marked Socorro. At the traffic light, the offramp becomes California Street, the main strip in Socorro. Go straight on California Street until the fifth traffic light, marked Manzanares. Turn right onto Manzanares. You will see the plaza in front of you. The plaza is a one-way street, flowing counterclockwise. Park anywhere along the street, or in one of the side lots.

Mileage Log


From the Plaza head west on Fisher Street.


At the stop sign, turn left and go one block south on Grant Street.


Turn right (west, toward the mountains) on Reservoir Road.


Follow this street as it becomes a narrow dirt track up a hill.

1.1 DIRT

Flood Control Channel. Turn left onto the road along the channel.

1.2 DIRT

Bridge across the Channel. Turn right (west) on the paved road.

1.3 DIRT

Turn right toward the Fire Academy. Continue generally west.

2.1 DIRT

Turn right at the junction and continue heading west.

2.4 DIRT

Power lines. Go south.

2.5 DIRT

Cross Evergreen (paved). Continue south, under the power lines.

2.9 DIRT

Junction. Turn right and head west toward Sedillo Springs.

3.4 DIRT

Junction (Sedillo Springs are to your right; see SOCORRO ISOPOD - SEDILLO SPRINGS ride). But for this ride we head south to the ruins, then follow the road east back to the power line.

4.0 DIRT

Back at the power line road turn right and head south.

4.6 DIRT

Cross RR tracks and continue south across the big dirt road. Go up the hill to the water tower (mile 5.0). Then return to the bottom of the hill and head east, through the gate, to the highway

5.7 DIRT

Highway 60. Turn to the right and follow it south/west for just a bit, then turn left (east) onto the dirt road just before the highway crosses the Flood Control Channel.

6.6 DIRT

Junction. Keep going east toward the river valley.

6.8 DIRT

Try the old moto-cross track here if you like (make any necessary mileage adjustments); go straight on this road as far as it goes.

7.0 DIRT

Road turns left (no junction).

7.3 DIRT

A steep hill. You get extra points if you make it up!

7.4 DIRT

At the first junction after the hill take a right (head east).

7.7 DIRT

Turn left onto a smaller track that leads to paved High-school Road. Turn left on the pavement.

8.2 DIRT

Go over the dirt dam. There are some excellent play hills here. Turn north onto Grant Street; cross the RR tracks, and Hwy 60.

9.0 DIRT

Turn right onto Fisher Street, which leads directly to . .

9.2 DIRT

. . . the Plaza!



Map courtesy of Socorro Country Fat Tire Trail Book, 2nd Edition (ISBN #0-88307-712-4).