2nd Annual
Tour of Socorro
April 19-20, 2008
Socorro, NM, USA
Socorro Fat Tire Fiesta

Bosque del Apache

Name: Bosque del Apache
1/5 Fitness 1/5 Skill 1/5 Route
Length: 11.9 miles
Elevation: 4500 ft avg
Start: Bosque del Apache
Updated: Way back in 1993.

This easy ride follows a loop around the Bosque del Apache Refuge. Many species of birds and animals can be seen year round. Bring binoculars. The best time for bird watching is in the winter (late October to early March) when thousands of snow geese and sandhill cranes are in residence, but this is also the time when you will have to share the Refuge road with many cars. The main tour loop is open to cars and bikes from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset every day. During some times of the year trails in addition to the main tour loop may be open to bikes (ask at the Visitor Center or phone 505-835-1828 for information). The area is marshy and bugs can be bad, so carry insect repellent.

Among the birds that can be found at the Bosque during the winter are sandhill and whooping cranes, snow geese. Canada geese, pheasants, golden and bald eagles, and many types of ducks, waterbirds, and hawks. You may also be able to spot porcupines in the trees, mule deer, or coyotes.

Precisely at sunrise in the winter (around 7:00 am.), it is quite spectacular to watch and listen as 30,000 snow geese and sandhill cranes all take to the air simultaneously.


Bosque del Apache

Eight miles south of San Antonio on NM 1.

Mileage Log

0.0 DIRT

Refuge entrance on NM 1.

0.1 DIRT

Entrance Station. Stop and pay entrance fee (in 1993 this fee is $2.00 for each car that you drove to the Bosque in). Follow the road as it turns right (south).

0.4 DIRT

Turn right on Marsh Loop.

0.7 DIRT

Bird viewing platform on left.

2.9 DIRT

Road turns left (east).

3.0 DIRT

Road turns left (north).

5.6 DIRT

Ride ahead on Farm Loop for the full 11.9-miles ride, or turn left here and head back to the entrance for a shorter ride.

6.7 DIRT

Viewing platform on the left.

7.1 DIRT

Viewing platform on the right.

8.5 DIRT

Road turns left (west).

8.8 DIRT

Viewing platform on right. This is the best area to see the huge flights of birds returning to the refuge at sunset in the winter.

11.9 DIRT

Back at the entrance.