2nd Annual
Tour of Socorro
April 19-20, 2008
Socorro, NM, USA
Socorro Fat Tire Fiesta

White Water and Big Pigeon Canyons

Name: White Water and Big Pigeon Canyons
3/5 Fitness 3/5 Skill 3/5 Route
Length: 24.4 miles
Elevation: 7000 ft min, 7880 ft max
Start: Junction of FR 73 and FR 549
Updated: Way back in 1993.

This ride is through pinion and ponderosa pine forest and grassy meadows in the northern San Mateo mountains. The highlights of the ride are the beautiful Whitewater and Big Pigeon Canyons. The riding is mostly on reasonable forest roads with some difficult stretches in Big Pigeon Canyon where the trail frequently crosses the rocky streambed which may be flowing in the spring and early summer.


Junction of FR 73 and FR 549

To reach FR 549, drive 30.8 miles south on NM 78 from US 60.

Mileage Log

0.0 DIRT

Junction of FR 549 and FR 73. Ride east on FR 73.

2.2 DIRT

Junction with FR 95 on left. This is your return route out of Big Pigeon Canyon. Continue east on FR 73 and climb steadily.

5.2 DIRT

Cattle guard across FR 73.

6.4 DIRT

Turn right (south) on FR 72. Do not turn off onto FR 72A. Soon turn east and descend into Whitewater Canyon.

8.3 DIRT

Turn left at the ruins of the log cabin and stone chimney and ride north up Whitewater Canyon on the old road which occasionally crosses the stream bed. The canyon floor is mostly flat grassy meadows with stands of ponderosa pine.

11.1 DIRT

Junction with FR 73. Turn left (west) on FR 73 and climb out of the canyon.

12.1 DIRT

Junction with FR 219. Ride west and north on FR 219 passing by Bitter Creek Tank.

15.0 DIRT

Big Pigeon Canyon. Turn left down the canyon on FR 219A. The road soon becomes rough and hard to follow in places with frequent crossings of the rocky streambed. There are a few stretches of difficult riding where the canyon narrows. In the spring and early summer the stream may be flowing.

20.4 DIRT

Mouth of Bear Ranch and windmill on the right. Continue on the road down the canyon.

22.2 DIRT

Junction with FR 73. Follow FR 73 back to your car.

24.4 DIRT

Junction of FR 73 with FR 549.



Map courtesy of Socorro Country Fat Tire Trail Book, 2nd Edition (ISBN #0-88307-712-4).