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Weekly Update, 8/21/2002

Socorro Chile Harvest Triathlon (the aftermath)

We've almost got everything done from the triathlon; results, paperwork, bills, awards, etc. We also sent thank-you notes to everybody we could think of. If you were left out, sorry, it wasn't intentional. We've received a lot of really nice e-mails from competitors in the last couple of weeks, and all the credit goes to the great SSR crew.

Fat Tire Fiesta Committee Meeting Announced

A committee meeting for the Socorro Fat Tire Fiesta will be held on Wednesday, August 28th, at 6PM. The location is at Trex Enterprises, 300 California SE, #2. That's the building next to the Texaco station just south of Manzaneras. Interested parties are encouraged to attend.

Fat Tire Fiesta Ride Leaders Needed

Things are falling into place for the Fat Tire Fiesta tours, except for ride leaders for the Lemitar Mission tour and the Piro Indian Ruins tour. We also need assistant ride leaders for the Quebradas tour, San Acacia Rock Art tour, and the Strawberry Peak tour. If you can help, contact Mark Bottjer.

Quebradas Metric Century Suggestions Anyone?

If you were involved with the Quebradas race last year, I'd like to hear your suggestions for improvements to this year's race. We're planning on running at least 4 aid stations, this time with more supplies at the later stations. The race will be escorted by an ACA official on a motorcycle, and will be trailed by an EMT. The tour is being escorted by ride leader Harold Tobin, and the whole thing will be swept by a vehicle. The shorter races are planned for the same courses as last year.

A Celebration

A repeat announcement: Kim, Paul Fuierer, and I will be holding a joint 40th birthday party at the Schaffer's (1211 Apache Dr) on Friday, August 23rd. Of course, all of SSR is included in the invitation. Come help us celebrate/mourn. Dinner will be potluck, at 6PM.

September Meeting Announced

We'll have a regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 3rd, at 7PM at the Brew Pub. Currently on the agenda are triathlon recap and suggestions, and the Fat Tire Fiesta.

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