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Fat Tire Fiesta

Last weekend's Socorro Fat Tire Fiesta was a even-better-than-expected success, drawing almost 128 riders to the Saturday races, and 63 riders to the 7 tours on Saturday and Sunday. This event's success is largely due to the efforts of Mark Bottjer and Camille Scielzi, but not enough can be said for the 40-or-so volunteers who gave their time. You're all due a great big thank-you.

Results for the Quebradas races are posted on the Fat Tire Fiesta web page.

Early Morning Registration (by Schlake) 100K Start Line (by Schlake)
Trials Demo by Brad Cromey (by Schlake) Strawberry Peak Ride (by Schlake)

FTF Wrap-up Party

There will be a Fat Tire Fiesta wrap-up party on Sunday, September 29th, at Noon, at the Pizza Hut. Please contact Camille so she can make arrangements for food.

October SSR Meeting Change

Because the Fat Tire Fiesta party is so close to the October regular meeting date, we're canceling the regular meeting in favor of the FTF party. Besides, that's probably all we'd talk about anyway.

First Fall Running Series Race October 16th

The Fall Running Series starts Tuesday, October 8th with a 5K race at 5:30PM on the old M-Mountain Duathlon course. If you haven't done an SSR handicap race before, have an idea of what your current 5K race time is. If you have done a handicap race here before, we'll use your latest handicap.

If you are not an SSR member and you'd like to race, download a membership form and sign up. Students cost $5, individuals cost $10, and families cost $15. The race series fee is $5. Race winners receive a $10 prize, and the series winner wins $50.

Meet at the EMRTC control point gate at the bottom of the mountain. The course starts there, and goes east on the industrial park roads. To get to the gate, drive on Canyon Road through the NMT golf course, then past the IRIS/Passcal and EMRTC buildings toward the mountain.

Ironman Wisconsin - Laura and Christian's Report

Madison, Wisconsin. The home of cheese, cheeseheads, the Wisconsin Badgers, brats and beer, and one of the five Ironman competitions in North America. You may be thinking "Ironman? Isn't that some sort of power lifting or wrestling competition?" Well, not exactly. It is a long distance triathlon event where competitors swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and finish with a 26.2 mile run. (continued)

September 18, 2002

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