South Baldy Hill Climb

Part of the Tour Of Socorro

Water Canyon Campground , (west of) Socorro, New Mexico

2011 South Baldy Hill
(South Baldy Aerial Photo, Looking North)


The South Baldy Hill Climb course runs from the Water Canyon Campground in the Cibola National Forest up Forest Road 235 to the summit of South Baldy in the Magdalena Range.

Water Canyon Campground is approximately 20 minutes from the Socorro Plaza. To get there:

  1. Take I-25 to Exit 147 (South Socorro).
  2. Follow California St. North, to the first stoplight (US 60).
  3. Turn left, following US 60 (Spring St). West. There will be one four-way stop, where you turn left to stay on US 60.
  4. Proceed West on US 60 to the "Water Canyon" sign (past mile marker 124).
  5. Turn left, to the race start at the campground. (~5 mi)
  6. Park where-ever you can find a space.
  7. Start: 34°01'29.39"N 107°07'49.86"W. Finish: 33°59'28"N 107°11'17"W

The course is aproximately 8.3 miles long, and climbs nearly 4000 feet to the 10700' summit. The entire course is firm gravel and is fairly smooth when dry, but we've seen snow on the road in June. This is a long, tough climb, but it can be completed in a little over an hour.

3D Course Map[GPS Trace] Course Profile
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