Socorro Cerrillos Del Coyote Cerrillos Del Coyote

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Quebradas Backcountry Byway, (east of) Socorro, New Mexico


The Cerrillos del Coyote race course runs through the rugged hills to the East of Socorro. Called the Quebradas, this is perhaps the perfect location for cross country racing--plenty of opportunities for challenging one's skill and endurance, all while surrounded by breathtaking scenery!

The course is approximately 20 minutes (8.8 miles) from the Socorro Plaza, along the Quebradas Backcountry Byway. To get there:

  1. Take I-25 to Exit 152 (Escondida).
  2. Turn East, following the county road to Escondida Lake Park. (~1.6 mi)
  3. Turn right, cross the Rio Grande, to the "T" at the village of Pueblitos. (~0.8 mi)
  4. Turn right, to the start of the Quebradas Backcountry Byway. (~0.9 mi)
  5. Turn left, to the race start. (~2.6 mi)
  6. A small parking area can be found on top of the small rise on the South side of the road, where a road down into the valley T's in.
  7. Start/Finish: 34°06'31.66"N 106°49'39.64"W

The course can be ridden in either direction, but the race always went clockwise. The first leg will go East on the Quebradas Road, over rolling hills, giving the pack a little time to break up. The next leg goes South on rough two-track roads, crossing a number of arroyos. The next leg turns South on singletrack over two hogback ridges, returning for a short time to a road, then back to the "Madre" singletrack. The Madre, used in the races over the last two years, turns North, and returns to the start.

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