SH3 Hash Trash


Vol. 2, No. 1

Hash Date:     8 January 2004

Scribe:            Nuclear Semen



            Where were all you backsliders?????  There will be no mercy!  Being out of town doesn’t get you out of the down-down.  Only five people (two of those being the hares) showed at the Socorro Springs brewpub for what proved to be a very comfortable night run.  Someone promised us a full moon, again…..  Papa Don’t Preach and Just Ephraim (now I have it right!) served as hares of the day (they might have preferred being hairs of the dog).  They were joined by Virtual Clinton, yours truly (Nuclear Seaman) (or is that…. Semen?), and Virgin Glen.

            The hares got almost a 20 minute lead as Virgin Glen was indoctrinated into the ways of hashing.  The trail was full of checks, back checks, and false trails – well done!  Only once did the pack get hung up before the first BN at Papa’s abode.  A big thanks to Pattie for leaving the light on (and putting the lights out)!!!  After being entertained by Papa’s daughters – the oldest of which is close to getting a hash name (what a challenge to name a precocious 4 year-old!), the pack headed back out into the dark night and down the back alley.  It was shortly thereafter that things got interesting.  Within a few minutes the pack arrived at Just Ephraim’s for the final BN.  When asked by Papa about how the pack had enjoyed the cemetery, I said, “What cemetery?”  The pack had completely missed a “true trail” across from the end of the alley (near Cottonwood School) and picked up trail near the end – thus, entirely bypassing the cemetery trek and all the nice shiggy planned by the hares.  What is it about avoiding cemeteries?  The pack missed the pleasure of an eerie cemetery scene during the Halloween Hash.  It just goes to show that a persistent pack always finds a trail – somewhere.

The motley crew returned to the brewpub just in time to still order and close the place down (they must love us!) although Virtual Clinton and I both fell victim to the same low wire fence on the way (anyone want to see my bruises?).  Virgin Glen was duly ordained as Just Glen and the discussion turned to potential names for Just Ephraim, completing his fourth hash.  It’ll be deja vu naming Just Ephraim before naming his better half Just Julie (remember Laura Jean BJ Queen and Father Snowball).  Just Julie better be careful about her input, as “what you give is what you get.”  Papa and Just Glen took a journey down memory lane regarding Santa Cruz, leaving all to wonder if they once knew each other and were afraid to come out of the closet (they’ve been to all the same places!!!!).  The night ended peacefully (shame on us!).  Papa Don’t Preach and I volunteered to hare next time – so beware (two misguided minds - that could spell trouble if we only knew how to spell).  Next time could mean real shiggy!!!!!


Next Hash Date:        Thursday, 5 February 2004

Next Hash Hares:      Papa Don’t Preach & Nuclear Semen