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2003 Statewide Race Calendar

First Annual
APAS Shelter Shuffle
March 29, 2003

Singletrack Maintenance Day This Saturday

Meet at 8AM on Saturday, March 1st at the singletrack trailhead on the EMRTC bypass road for a day of work on the trail. We'll be providing some tools, but please bring rakes, shrub trimmers, and shovels if possible. We need as many people as possible, and you don't have to bring tools.

Please be prepared to spend a long day, but we'll be have water and some snacks on hand. There are eroded areas and bushes that need to be trimmed back, as well as a new section to be developed, discussed below.

EMRTC Requests Singletrack Change

Formal approval for the singletrack from Tech may be nearing, however, EMTRC has requested a change to the path. Because they disapprove of the way the existing fence has been pushed down, we (the singletrack users) have been asked to move the trailhead to the gate to the north. This gate is only a couple of hundred yards to the north of the existing trailhead.

EMRTC employees and singletrack users Robert Abernathy and Brad Cromey took the initiative and blazed a new trail from the gate back to the current trail. Part of the work to be done to the singletrack on March 1 will be to establish this new section of trail. Once the new section is open, an attempt will be made to close the old section.

As a final note, Brad is building a stile that will go over the barbed-wire fence on the new section of trail. He'll be working on it Thursday night by the bike arena just south of the NMT Physical Plant building, and he could use an extra hand. Contact Brad at for more details.

Regular Meeting To Be Held March 4

The next regular club meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 4th at 6PM at the Socorro Public Library meeting room. If you have an item for the agenda, please contact Matt Perini. Currently, we have the following items:

  • Shelter Shuffle
  • Singletrack maintenance day report

Take the Bike Coalition of NM Survey

The Bike Coalition of New Mexico is an organization of cyclists chartered to concentrate on political advocacy issues. They are currently taking a survey on their web site about your cycling habits and cycling conditions in your area. The results of this survey will be used to construct and prioritize a list of projects and concerns for them to present to local and state representatives.

March 2nd Sunday Run At New Singletrack Trailhead

Meet at the new singletrack trailhead on the EMRTC bypass road for the Sunday Run this week. The new trailhead is about 2/10-mile north of the old trailhead, at a gate. We'll also be taking a vote on whether to move the starting time for the Sunday run back to 7AM. This week's run will start at 8AM.

Spring Handicap Series

The first race of the spring handicap series was held on Thursday, February 20th, under cold, moist, and cloudy conditions. Congratulations to all our intrepid runners for braving the elements. Despite the conditions, most runners beat their handicap times. Thanks to Robert Abernathy (the "Human Icicle") for organizing this race, and for submitting the results.

1stTyler Haughness18:14-1:2647.55
2ndJoe Dickerson23:41-1:1979.54
3rdLaura Wilcox23:20-1:1078.03
4thNathan Heronen24:32-1:0984.02
5thShawn West24:30-1:0083.51
6thFred Yarger28:56-0.37103.01
7thChristian Krueger19:29-0:2956.01
8thMatt Perini27:27+0:5797.01

The next race, a 10K handicap, will be held on Thursday, March 6th, at 5PM. Meet at the east end of Otero Street, where it meets the Low Flow Channel by the river. The course will go either south or north for 2.5K, then the opposite direction for 5K, then it'll return to the starting point. (There are two turnaround points.) A decision as to which direction we'll run first will be made later.

Regular Rides and Runs Around Socorro

These are not SSR-sponsored club events!

  • Cycling (Road): MWF 11:30 AM, meet at the IRIS Parking Lot.
  • Cycling (MTB): Friday 11:30 AM, meet at the IRIS Parking Lot.
  • Running: SSR Sunday social run, meet at Tech pool parking lot, 8AM Sundays.

Like to start a new regular run or ride? Contact Matt Perini to get it listed here.

February 19, 2003

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