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First tri's, then fat tires, now get ready for some 5K's!!!

2004 Statewide Race Calendar
2004 Statewide Race Calendar
2004 Socorro Fat Tire Fiesta


2004 Socorro Chile Harvest Triathlon

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Transition Times: New Mexico
2004 Southwest Challenge Series
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Thanks for making the 2004 Fat Tire Fiesta Great!

For more information on the rides and results, click on the logo on the left side of the page or here.

Please take some time to check out the Fat Tire Trail Guide, an awesome resource on local MTB trails!


Local Race Results

Stealth Triathlon

Robert Abernathy, Mike Montoya, and Steven Montoya ran the OCtober 3rd Stealth triathlon. Mike finished third overall and Steven was second in his age group. Results can be found at Transition Times, but they are incomplete since they only show Mike and Steven's results.

  • Mike Montoya - 30.34 minute run, bike done at 1 hour 33 minutes, with a final time of 1:46:50

  • Steven Montoya - 30.17 minute run, bike done at 1 hour 32 minutes, with a final time of 1:47:46

Rio Abajo Days

Christian Krueger recently ran the the Rio Abajo Days half-marathon. Well, he had planned to run it until he showed up on race morning and noticed there would be less competition in the full marathon. Naturally, and despite a 10 mile training run the day before, he entered the marathon and decimated the field. He did so well that his halfway split was so fast that it was only ONE minute behind the winning half-marathon time. Way to go Christian!

If anyone else ran in the race, let us know how you did.

Imogene Pass Run

Jan Thomas and Kim Schaffer both completed the grueling Imogene Pass Run in early September. The race is a 17.1 mile point-to-point mountain race within the western San Juan mountains of Colorado, including the 13,120 foot Imogene Pass. Kim took 2 hours and 35 minutes to summit and finished in just under 3 hours and 45 minutes. Jan took 2 hours and 48 minutes to summit and completed the race in 5:01:45. They finished in 15th and 52nd place in their age groups, respectively a great job for a race that is as hard as a marathon if not harder!

Long Beach Triathlon

Always the opportunist, Robert Abernathy took advantage of a recent trip to California to test his mettle in the Long Beach Tri. Despite wishing he had a wetsuit he had a great time at the race. The triathlon has an interesting course with a 1/2 Mile Swim, 11 mile cycle, and a 3 mile run. The bike course even took him past the Queen Mary!

Robert's times: 0:18:37 swim, 0:03:53 T-1, 0:35:20 bike, 0:01:45 T-2, 0:25:35 run, and a 1:25:10 Final time. Robert finished 63/97 in his AG and 525th out of nearly 1000 men.


We've been a little behind in getting race results posted, so forgive us. If you have some results that you would like to post, or know of some that we have missed, PLEASE let us know. It is not boasting - your fellow Striders and Riders want to hear about your accomplishments!


The Next (Halloween Costume) Hash is October 28th!!

Bring a light as it has been getting dark and don't forget a costume! We will meet at the Socorro Springs Brewery at 6PM.

Read one of the Hash Trash reviews for October's review of the Halloween Hash, November's review, December's Red Dress Run Report, January's, February's, March's, April's, May's, June's, July's, August's, or September's to see what hashing's about.


Regular Rides and Runs Around Socorro

These are not SSR-sponsored club events!


  • Cycling (Road): MWF 11:30 AM, meet at the IRIS Parking Lot.
  • Cycling (MTB): Friday 11:30 AM, meet at the IRIS Parking Lot (not very regular!).
  • Cycling (MTB): Sunday 10 AM (no-drop), meet at Spoke-N-Word.
  • Running: Sunday social run, meet at Tech pool parking lot, 8 AM Sundays .

Like to start a new regular run or ride? Contact SSR to get it listed here.


It's time for the Fall Running Series!

2004 Fall Running Series

There will be four races this year, all 5k's, but you only need to compete in two in order to be eligible for your age group. Click HERE to learn more. The next race is on November 7th at the EMRTC snake.

Results of 2nd FRS 5k

2004 Fall Running Series

  • 1st -Pending Payment- Christian Krueger (35-54) 18:46

  • 2nd Ephraim Ford (20-34) 19:51.76

  • 3rd Glenn Spinelli (20-34) 21:13.69

  • 4th Jason Wurnig (20-34) 21:29.15

  • 5th Remke Van Dam -pictured above- (20-34) 22:11.92

  • 6th Julie Ford (20-34) 22:54.78

  • 7th Robert Abernathy (35-54) 23:35.76

  • 8th Matt Perini (35-54) 24:23.12

  • 9th Jan Sramek (55+) 30:17.72

  • 10th Luiza Gutierrez (20-34) 30:44.96

  • 11th Fred Yarger (35-54) 30:51.67

Current FRS Standings (and Averages)

Note: * denotes racer has not yet raced 2 races.

Women 19&Under

  • Katrina Burleigh 22:55*

Men 20-34
  • Ephraim Ford 20:04.4

  • Jason Wurnig 21:39.6

  • Glenn Spinelli 21:13.69*

  • Remke Ram Dam 21:50

Women 20-34
  • Julie Ford 23:11.9

  • Luiza Gutierrez 30:44.96*

Men 35-54
  • Christian Krueger 18:46*

  • Robert Abernathy 24:18.4

  • Matt Perini 24:23.12*

  • Tom Morgan 25:24

  • Fred "Go Navy" Yarger 31:11.3

Women 55+
  • Jan Sramek 30:17.72


What a great triathlon!!

Results for this year's Chile Harvest Triathlon, held on August 14th, can now be found on its website.

Socorro Striders and Riders would like to thank all of the participants, volunteers, and sponsors. Without all of you we literally would not have been able to hold a triathlon for 300 people!

A view of the crowd being adressed by the...

Race Director, Fred Yarger.

From the first swimmer

to the kids running their tri,

it was the best yet!



September 30th , 2004
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