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Next meeting is June 7th

2005 Statewide Race Calendar
2005 Statewide Race Calendar
2005 Southwest Challenge Series
2005 Socorro Chile Harvest Triathlon
2004 Socorro Fat Tire Fiesta


2004 Socorro Chile Harvest Triathlon


Upcoming Races and Local Race Results

  • Milkman Triathlon - June 4th

  • Francis Stevens Traithlon (WSMR) - June 11th

Sahuarita Lake Triathlon

On Memorial Day Alyssa, E.P., Ephraim, Julie, Steven, & Mike got down and slimey at the Sahuarita Lake Tri in Arizona (1000 meter swim - 25 km bike - 5 km run). Below are the results and you can eventually check the website for all of the RESULTS. The T1 and T2 times seem to be added to the swim and bike splits, respectively. It also appears that Alyssa set the all-time women's record for the swim split by 26 seconds!

  • Alyssa 1st/2 in 15-19 AG

    Swim 0:12:22 Bike 0:53:56 Run 0:28:44 Total 1:35:02

  • Julie Ford 3rd/20 in 30-34 AG

    0:17:44 0:56:30 0:23:09 1:37:23

  • Mike Montoya 1st/39 in 35-39 AG, 5th overall!

    0:12:42 0:41:20 0:19:09 1:13:11

  • Steven Montoya 3rd/29 in AG

    0:14:52 0:49:22 0:21:31 1:25:45

  • Ephraim Ford 6th/29 in AG

    0:16:45 0:51:31 0:21:26 1:29:42

  • E.P. Higgs 17th/30 in AG

    0:16:39 0:52:15 0:25:33 1:34:27

Memorial Run 2005 (1/2 Marathon at Kirtland AFB)

Robert Abernathy came in 7th out of 23 participants in mens 40-44 age group with a time of 1:50:29. Shingo Date finished 6th out of 12 participants in mens 35-39 AG with a posted time of 1:48:17. Full results are at the official WEBSITE.

2005 Run to the World's Longest Tram 10K

Shingo Date made the trek to Albuquerque to run a rather grueling uphill 10k. Good job, Shingo! FULL RESULTS.

  • Shingo Date 8th/20 in Men 0-39

    Total time 56:39.5 ** 9:07/M

Dueces Wild Triathlons

Steven, Mike, Matt, and Cathy went to Show Low and competed in the olympic (1500 meter swim - 40 km bike - 10 km run) and fat tire triathlons (800 meter swim - 24 k mountain bike - 8 km trail run). Look below for their results or check the website for all of the RESULTS. Way to go, especially Matt and Cathy for doing tri's on back-to-back days!

  • Cathy Pfeifer 5th/5 in AG

    Total 2:58:27.7

  • Matt Perini 2nd/6 in AG

    Total 2:33:30.1

  • Steven Montoya 3rd/9 in AG

    Total 2:38:21.7

  • Mike Montoya 5/13 in AG

    Total 2:20:29.9

  • Cathy Pfeifer 1st/1 in AG

    Total 3:21:31.3

  • Matt Perini 6th/6 in AG

    Total 2:48:58.4

Jay Benson Triathlon

  • Jennell Higgs 2nd/5 1:16:05 (12-13)

  • Alyssa Higgs 1st/2 1:09:05 (14-15)

  • Erika Burleigh 1st/2 1:10:03 (16-17)

  • Katrina Burleigh 1st/4 1:09:25 (18-19)

  • Ephraim Ford 7th/22 1:10:02 (25-29)

  • Julie Ford 6th/17 1:17:45 (30-34)

  • Christian Krueger 1st/19 58:51 (35-39)

  • Robert Abernathy 27th/32 1:20:17 (40-44)

  • Sandy Nolan 2nd/29 1:08:23 (40-44)

  • E.P. Higgs 2nd/10 1:10:15 (CLYDESDALE 40+)

  • Rheda Brown 3rd/5 1:40:21 (ATHENA 40+)

Cerillos del Coyote Results

Click on the logo or here for Cerillos del Coyote mountain bike race results


Magdalena Ridge Road Closure

From the official web site for the Magdalena Ridge Observatory:

"Intensive road maintenance and repair, including cleaning out culverts, will commence on March 21. This is in preparation for the Single Telescope construction which will start on or about April 18. In consultation with Dennis Aldrich of the USFS, Forest Road 235 will be closed to the public on work days from March 21 until further notice. Work days currently are Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 5:00 pm. The road is open during non-work hours and on weekends. In mid-April work days may be extended to six days per week, and hours may change. This site will be updated accordingly.

According to Rob Selina, site engineer for the Magdalena Ridge Observatory, the guards were misinformed and work days do not include weekends, so the road is closed only on weekdays from 6 AM to 5 PM, and some Saturdays for the next 3 years and possibly much longer, depending upon how long the construction lasts.


The Next Hash will be on the 2nd of June

Stay tuned for info, but presume it is the same time and place with Virtual Clinton and DSB as the hares. The July Hash will probably be on the 7th but stay tuned.

Read one of the Hash Trash reviews from May 2005's Cinco De Mayo Hash, April 2005's Spring Forward Hash, March 2005's St. Patty's Hash, February 2005's Valentine's Day Hash, January 2005's Hash, December 2004 Red Dress Run, November 2004's, 2004's Halloween Hash, September, August, July, June, May, April, March 2004, February 2004, January 2004, December 2003's Red Dress Run Report, November 2003, or October 2003 Halloween Hash to see what hashing's about.


Regular Rides and Runs Around Socorro

These are not SSR-sponsored club events!


  • Cycling (Road): MWF 11:30 AM, meet at the IRIS Parking Lot.
  • Cycling (MTB): Friday 11:30 AM, meet at the IRIS Parking Lot (not very regular!).
  • Cycling (MTB): Sunday 10 AM (no-drop), meet at Spoke-N-Word.
  • Running: Sunday social run, meet at Tech pool parking lot, 8 AM Sundays .

Like to start a new regular run or ride? Contact SSR to get it listed here.



June 2nd, 2005
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