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2005 Statewide Race Calendar
2005 Statewide Race Calendar
2004 Socorro Fat Tire Fiesta
2005 Southwest Challenge Series
2005 Fall Running Series
2005 Socorro Chile Harvest Triathlon

Upcoming Races and Local Race Results

  • FALL RUNNING SERIES! (5K's throughout the Fall)

  • Saturday, November 12 at 9 AM

WSMR Century on November 5th!!

Sorry for the late notice, but there is a unique opportunity to tour the White Sands Missile Test Range by bike at the WSMR Century on Saturday, 5 Novemeber 2005.

They need at least 50 riders to register to make it happen. Registration: Last day to register is OCTOBER 31, 2005. A minimum of 50 riders is required. There is NO registration on day of event so register with this form.

THIS IS NOT A RACE! Start as soon as you are checked in. Riders who are not off route by 6:00 pm will be picked up. Route is actually +/- 108 miles and has less then 2000 feet of elevation gain. Riders must wear helmets . No cameras allowed on the route. Most of the ride is on White Sands Missile Range, a restricted military installation. No spectators or supporters are allowed on the route. Event may be cancelled due to range activity. Date: NOVEMBER 5, 2005 Time: Check in between 6:30 to 7:30am. Start the ride as soon as check-in is complete. Fee: $35 fee includes T-shirt, lunch, and refreshments.

Registration: Last day to register is OCTOBER 31, 2005. A minimum of 50 riders is required. There is NO registration on day of event. Safety: A Helmets must be worn. Also, Army regulations prohibit the wearing of headphones while bicycling on a military installation. When you pick up your T-shirt you will be required to read and sign a hazards orientation letter. The waiver on the registration form must be signed to participate.

Southwest Championship Series

The 2005 season is over for the world’s oldest Triathon and Duathlon series. Socorro athletes can be proud this year, there are 4 champions in our midst. Ephraim Ford so dominated his age group with 69.75 points that none dared to challenge him. Julie Ford took second in her age group with 72.25 points, although there is no shame to finishing second to Shanna Armstrong. Rheda Brown finished second of the Athena category with 49 points. Christian Krueger took third in the Elite category with 51.125 points (7 races). Matt Perini was pushed into fourth in his age group with 52.375 points in just the last few races. Matt’s age group was tough, with a total of 8 qualifiers with 8 or more races, more than any other group. Robert Abernathy qualified in the same group, finishing 8th with 37.125 points. (Yes, I know I was last, you don’t have to point it out. And, yes, I did have the lowest point total of any 8 race qualifier, how clever of you to notice.) Final results are here.

Awards are given out for the top three finishers in all categories and here will be a banquet for the champions on the evening of Dec 10 (same day as the Polar Bear Triathlon at WSMR) in the Fort Bliss Officer’s Club in El Paso, TX. Details should be available later this month.

2005 Fat Tire Fiesta

The annual off-road bicycle festival was held over the weekend of September 16-18. There were a total of 62 participants, exceeding expectations. Many positive comments about the rides with high expectations for next year. The committee is already working on the new schedule. And the M Mountain ride will be back, with (we can only hope) a slightly easier approach to the peak

Intrepid M Mountain bikers

Intrepid M Mountain bikers

The view from the top of M Mountain

The view from the top of M Mountain


Regular Rides and Runs Around Socorro

These are not SSR-sponsored club events!


  • Cycling (Road): MWF 11:30 AM, meet at the IRIS Parking Lot.
  • Cycling (MTB): Friday 11:30 AM, meet at the IRIS Parking Lot (not very regular!).
  • Cycling (MTB): Sunday 10 AM (no-drop), meet at Spoke-N-Word.
  • Running: Sunday social run, meet at Tech pool parking lot, 8 AM Sundays .

Like to start a new regular run or ride? Contact SSR to get it listed here.


2005 Fall Running Series

2005 Fall Running Series

Photo of Julie and Joe at the halfway point

It's that time again... Click HERE for the offical poster for this year's Fall Running Series. We still need some participants in the 19 & Under AG. Regardless, let's get even more people out for the remaining races! You can tell them they already missed the hardest one.

Participant Current Place Average Time Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4

MALE 20-34            
Ephraim Ford
1st 21'09 21'19  - 20'59  
Brad Dotson
2nd 23'25 24'00  22'50  -  
Remke Van Dam
3rd 23'48 25'08 24'22 23'14  
Peter Van Moorsel
4th 24'07 25'08  - 23'43  
Nick Smallridge
NQ 21'55  - 21'55  -  
David Romero
NQ 22'08 22'08  -  -  
Robert Baca
NQ 23'12 23'12  -  -  
FEMALE 20-34            
Julie Ford
1st 23'55 24'35  -  23'15  
Sydney Ryan
NQ 23'03  - 23'03  -  
Buffy Charlie
NQ 25'59  -  - 25'59  
MALE 35-54            
Robert Abernathy
1st 24'32 25'23  - 23'41  
Matt Perini
2nd 25'25 26'07  - 24'45  
Kevin Wedeward
3rd 28'44 31'42 29'41 27'46  
Travis Newton
4th 29'13 31'39 29'11 29'15  
Fred Yarger
5th 32'40  - 33'12 32'09  
Shingo Date
NQ 21'35 21'35  -  -  
Gustaaf Van Moorsel
NQ 23'52  -  - 23'52  
Joe McMullin
NQ 24'15 24'15  -  -  
FEMALE 35-54            
Rheda Brown
1st 39'02 40'47 40'05 37'59  
MALE 55 & UP            
Gerry Strathman
1st 25'51 26'21  - 25'21  
Bill Brundage
2nd 28'46 32'11 29'08 28'24  
Pat Roache
4th 31'55  -  - 31'55  
FEMALE 55 & UP            
Linda Giesen
1st (NQ) 29'32 29'32  -  -  
Jan Sramek
2nd (NQ) 31'27  -  - 31'27  
Lynette Napier
3rd (NQ) 35'42  -  - 35'42  


The Next Hash will be on the 27th of October

It's a costume hash!!

Read one of the Hash Trash reviews from September, August 2005's Tech Dress-up Hash, July 2005's Hash, June 2005's Hash, May 2005's Cinco De Mayo Hash, April 2005's Spring Forward Hash, March 2005's St. Patty's Hash, February 2005's Valentine's Day Hash, January 2005's Hash, December 2004 Red Dress Run, November 2004's, 2004's Halloween Hash, September, August, July, June, May, April, March 2004, February 2004, January 2004, December 2003's Red Dress Run Report, November 2003, or October 2003 Halloween Hash to see what hashing's about.



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