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Next meeting is in June 

Trash Day on Wed. 21st

2007 Chile Harvest Triathlon
2008 Chile Harvest Triathlon
2008 Statewide Race Calendar
2008 Statewide Race Calendar
2007 Tour of Socorro
2008 Tour of Socorro Omnium
2008 Southwest Challenge Series

Upcoming Races and Local Race Results

Race For The Zoo (ABQ)5/3
A-Mountain Race (Las Cruces)5/3
Jay Benson Tri5/11

See the calendar to the left for many more races and links.

Ironman AZ Results   

Christian Krueger finished quite well in the April 13th Ironman in Tempe, almost meeting his goal. His overall time was 10:32:15 and full results can be found on their preliminary results page.

Spring Running Series Results   

Congratulations to Julie Aster for winning the final Spring Running Series handicapped race! It was lovely weather and we also had a great time afterwards thanks to Gustaafs hosting of the brunch.

As expected, Liz showed up to complete her domination for the series title - great job!

SRS Race Results #3

SRS Race Standings

Note: I accidentally cut off Travis Le-Doux and intentionally cut off all the racers who only completed one of the first 3 races.

Recent Half-Marathon Results   

Three members ran half-marathons in Arizona in the past few weeks.

Lindsey Montoya completed the Valley of the Sun Half-Marathon in 2:01 on March 9th. That garnered her a place of 27th out of 77 in her AGE GROUP (big race!).

A week later, Julie Ford and Cathy Pfeifer ran the Arizona Distance Classic north of Tucson. It was a very cool morning andsurprisingly hilly course. That didn't stop Julie and Cathy from easily beating their time goals, though.

Julie finished in a blazing 1:37:10 (a 7:25 mile pace!), good enough for 10th overall and 2nd in her age group. Cathy crossed in 1:51:21 for a 48th place finish and 6th in her age group.

Good job to all three of you!


Run & Walk For Your Life 5k Results

Thanks for the fun turnout everyone! It is always nice to see such a wide variety of runners and ages in the 5k. As usual, the kids were a treat and we gave away a lot of medals.

RFYL 08 Start

6 & Under

1st Adrian Avalos   31:41

7 - 10

1st Manuel Liciano 30:06
2nd David Avalos   32:26
3rd Gabriel Franco  45:29

Sarai Vega        49:58

11 -19

1st David Zaragosa-Morales 31:41

1st Julie Aster             30:37
2nd Anastasia Placek  47:35
3rd Alena Gachupin    49:17


1st Tyler Haughness   18:39
2nd Kyle Clifford        21:35
3rd Robert Hancock   43:12

1st Brianne Loya        23:29


1st Johnny Henderson 20:17

1st Julie Ford              21:46
2nd Nancy Hoffman    33:46
2nd Patty Frisch          33:46


1st Brian Borchers      22:59
2nd Robert Cordova   27:44


1st Vidal Chavez        53:43

1st Fran Hazlewood   32:02
2nd Lynette Napier     34:59
3rd Nachin Bone        36:12
4th Rheda Brown (& Robinson!) 49:49

Trail Work Coming Up!

Keep an eye out for an announcement.

The Next Hash will be ...

????? It's sort of defunct

Read one of the Hash Trash reviews, such as February's, January's, or the one from the Red Dress Run in December. Or go further back and read the trash from November, The HALLOWEEN Hash, Early October, September 2005's Hash, August 2005's Tech Dress-up Hash, July 2005's Hash, June 2005's Hash, May 2005's Cinco De Mayo Hash, April 2005's Spring Forward Hash, March 2005's St. Patty's Hash, February 2005's Valentine's Day Hash, January 2005's Hash, December 2004 Red Dress Run, November 2004's, 2004's Halloween Hash, September, August, July, June, May, April, March 2004, February 2004, January 2004, December 2003's Red Dress Run Report, November 2003, or October 2003 Halloween Hash to see what hashing's about.

SSR Classifieds

Feel free to ask me about posting Want To Buy, Want to Sell, or Want To Trade items

  •  Concept II Rowing Machine (non-pneumatic); Weider Multi-gym ("universal"-style weight machine). Make offers. Call Pat or Catharine at 838-1110.


Regular Rides and Runs Around Socorro

These are not SSR-sponsored club events!

  • Cycling (Road): Monday, Wednesday AND Friday at NOON!, meet at the IRIS Parking Lot.
  • Running: Sunday social run, meet at Tech pool parking lot, 8 AM Sundays (email to verify!).

Like to start a new regular run or ride? Contact SSR to get it listed here.

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